Historical Battles of Islam

Historical Battles of Islam

A battle of the military expedition in which the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) took part himself usually with a large infantry is called in Arabic, غزوة “Ghazwa”. Islamic historians have differed in their reports of the number of battles or “Ghazawat” غزوات plural of Ghazwa.

According to Imam Bukhari (RA), 17 battles took place. Imam Muslim (RA) narrated 19. Hakim (RA) narrated 21. Others have said 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, and 27. Ibn Ishaq (RA) has quoted that 27 is the correct amount and that the majority of them agree upon 27. Ibn Ishaq (RA) narrated that out of these battles, in only 9 of them, actual fighting took place. They are the Battles of Badr, Uhud, Bani Mustalaq, Khandaq, Bani Quraizhah, Khayber, Fathu Makkah, Hunain, and Taif.

Those in which the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) did not participate, but deputed a smaller group of his companions are called in Arabic, سرية “Sariya”. These ranged from 36-100 battalions dispatched. Ibn Ishaaq opines they were 47. In the chart below, the battles that took place between the second through the ninth year of hegira are listed.

Name of Battle                                   Date of Battle                                    Fighting Occurred                    No Fighting                           
1. Al-Abawa 12 Safar, 2 AH   No Fighting
2. Al Bawāt Rabi al Awwal 2 AH   No Fighting
3. Al Ushayrah Jumad al Awwal 2 AH   No Fighting
4. Al Badr 17,19 Ramadhan 2 AH Fighting  
5. Banu Nadhīr Rabi al Awwal 3,4 AH   No Fighting
6. Uhud 7-15 Shawwal 3 AH Fighting  
7. Al Rajī’/Bir Ma’ūna End of Safar 3,4 AH   No Fighting
8. Al Ahzāb/Khandaq Shawaal 4,5 AH Fighting  
9. Banū Quraizah End of Dhul Qa’dah 5 AH Fighting  
10. Dhāt al Riqā’ Rabi al Awwal 6, 7 AH   No Fighting
11. Banū Mustalaq 12 Shaban 5,6 AH Fighting  
12. Hudaibiyah Dhul Qa’dah 6 AH   No Fighting
13. Dhāt al Qird Shaban/Dhul Qa’dah 6,7 AH   No Fighting
14. Khaiber Dhul Hijjah 7 AH Fighting  
15. Muta Jumad al Awwal 8 AH Fighting  
16. Zayd bin Haritha After Khaybar 7 AH   No Fighting
17. Al Fath 10 Ramadhan 8 AH Fighting  
18. Hunayn 10 Shawwal 8 AH Fighting  
19. Autās 8 AH Fighting  
20. Tāif 8 AH Fighting  
21. Dhul Khidmah     No Fighting
22. Dhāt al Salasil Jumad al Akhir 8 AH   No Fighting
23. Saif al Bahr/Al Amber Rajab 8 AH   No Fighting
24. Tabūk/Al ‘Usra Rajab/Shaban 9 AH   No Fighting


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